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Everyone, it would appear, knows someone who 'does' websites but judging by the number of requests we get from clients to reconstruct or put right a site, that someone, is not necessarily in tune with the most recent technology or what is required today to construct a site that will stand the test of time.
Here at SHA we pride ourselves on keeping up with what is and isn't in vogue and on creating simple solutions that both look good and work, and that are, as much as possible, future proof. Simple to use and easy to manage - every one is bespoke to the client which means you get a site designed and built just for you - no templates and no chance of it looking the same as your competitor's. 
Social media integration? No problem. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, RSS feeds are all standard requests now and can be built into any site without difficulty. Intuitive technology that allows automatic reformatting of screen views to fit desktops, tablets and mobiles is another area that is fast becoming a must have and is a great way to guarantee that your site will be viewed no matter what technology is used.
If you are looking to have a site built from scratch, updated or reviewed just give us a call on 0191 564 0300 to discuss or email everything@sh-advertising.co.uk